Testimonials from the Deep Ecology and Yoga Retreat 2019

“A beautiful, carefully crafted, heart opening mix of yoga, meditation, dance, song and space for connection and truth speaking. Held with care, love and joy. Very nourishing and supportive and exactly the kind of culture we should take into the world” ~ Natalie

“A thought provoking and emotional release of a weekend where important lessons are learnt and is dictated by a caring community” ~ Nathanael

“The most important and necessary weekend retreat for turbulent times” ~ Sophie

“It is a really powerful and enlightening retreat with supportive, kind and compassionate teachers and students. I really like the mix of yoga and deep ecology, it really works” ~ Traci

I would reccommend this workshop to anyone and everyone as it connects us to the major challenge of our times and helps us to befriend our wish to act and to face our fears and walk towards transformation” ~ Ginnie

“I have experienced great opening up, challenge, inspiration in a safe environment and through which I feel emboldened to continue the journey and path I’m on” ~ Nicholas

“Connecting to the warrior within…and to the rainbow warrior tribe. Empoerment through connection. Transforming negativity into positive action for our world” ~ Josse

“Supportive, informative, consciousness raising, a sense of being part of a community, both for the weekend and for the longer term” ~ Anonymous

“Many of my sorrows, grief, joys and thoughts about the world, nature, climate, ecological crisis and the future were released in a safe, instructive and creative space. The retreat also provided constructive guidance on how to go forward with resilience, perspective and gentleness. It also felt like everyone had their own unique experience from the retreat. Guaranteed self reflection and growth” ~ Lorna