Prepare - Breathe - Stretch - Ease - Tone - Strengthen - Relax - Connect - Have fun!

Pregnancy yoga is beneficial to you and your baby whether you are planning a vaginal or cesarean birth. A practice is valuable in the pregnancy journey, in birth -  whatever that may be, and for the postnatal period. 

In these classes we support the body, helping to alleviate problems such as backache and preparing the body for childbirth with strengthening exercises, breathing techniques, positive visualisation and relaxations. The environment is created for the flow of feel good hormones to be released.

Adaptations are made for each trimester. 

These classes also offer a chance to connect with yourself, your growing baby and other mothers to be during this special time.


Pregnancy Yoga for 1st and 2nd time mums who wish to bring their toddler with them.

Mondays 9.15am - 10.15am, 

St Gennys. Please enquire.


Suitable from 14 weeks onwards

Pregnancy Yoga and Me