Girls Circles

These special meetings offer a time for replenishment, ease, sharing, laughter and learning - whilst also creating something beautiful, useful and meaningful.  

Education and life skills empower girls. Girls can learn how to cultivate and take responsibility for their physical, social, emotional, spiritual and sexual well-being.

They also create community for parents so that they can navigate their daughters path with intention, mentorship and joy through adolescence and into adulthood.

Please contact me for more information and to register interest in forthcoming circles

Womens Circles

These womens circles are about reconnecting with our wisdom, beauty, compassion, creativity and instincts. They are a safe space where you can be truly seen and heard. Your authentic self is always celebrated, it is a place of sisterhood. Participating in circle sharing, activities, craft and meditations are reassuringly grounding, connecting, and restorative. They are a beautiful way to take time out for yourself and be nourished. Magic happens when women gather in this way.

Please contact me for details

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