Adult yoga


My kind of Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to unite. For me this has been a journey of finding balance and ground in the physical experience of being on earth and the more spiritual and refined aspects of being a human... to live values of love, freedom and compassion along with the realisation that we are all interconnected and there is a greater intelligence at work beyond our egos. 

My practice and teaching also embodies the cycles and natural rhythms and energies we are all a part of informed by the qualities that the yoga postures point to. Attention to the breath is a powerful practice that can provide healing and calm to adults and children alike. Yoga provides a physical practice that can strengthen and calm the body,  a breath practice to comfort, reassure, heal and enliven, an energetic practice to harness qualities and understanding and a spiritual practice to bring peace of mind and resilience in a crazy world.



I teach group and  private yoga sessions that are tailored to suit individual needs and personal goals. I am interested in all 8 limbs of yoga so my classes address more than the physical postures, being only one aspect yoga, rather they encompass yoga in all its fullness for a holistic and profound practice benefitting body, mind and soul.

Having studied, practiced and qualified  in many applications of yoga for over 20 years I can guide you in many aspects towards your well being, working deeper with the practice and achieving greater results. 

Perhaps you wish to establish a home yoga practice or deepen an existing one? Or you may be interested in working in a more therapeutic way to address stress, back pain or womens health issues such as prolapse for example. Private sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and personal goals and my group classes are a mix of slow vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga.

Please see my schedule for current classes or contact me for private sessions and to discuss your needs.