Yoga is more than postures


Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to unite. For me this has been a journey of finding balance and ground in the physical experience of being on earth and the more spiritual and refined aspects of being a human... to live values of love, freedom and compassion along with the realisation that we are all interconnected and there is a greater intelligence at work beyond our egos. This informs my practice and teaching to embody the cycles and natural rhythms and energies we are all a part of and also the qualities that the yoga postures point to. Attention to the breath is a powerful practice that can provide healing and calm to all ages. Yoga provides a physical practice that can strengthen and calm the body,  a breath practice to comfort, reassure, heal and enliven, an energetic practice to harness qualities and understanding and a spiritual practice to bring peace of mind and resilience in a crazy world.

Who am I?


I came to yoga as a student over 20 years. It changed my life in a profound way and I dedicated myself to learning more about ancient systems of yoga, Sanskrit, tantra and  Buddhist philosophy by studying and practicing in schools, ashrams and retreats in India, Nepal, Thailand and NZ. My dedication to the practice and passion for it has led me to teach.

The methodology I teach is rooted in Hatha yoga, tantra and non dualism. I also honour the body’s rhythms with the cyclical wisdom of the earth as per the tantric teachings that we are a microcosm of the macrocosmic universe. All very philosophical sounding so to put it in easier language I guide a practice of posture and breath through guided imagery to strengthen the practice, calm the nervous system and enable deep healing when resting at the end of class.   

Classes available


I teach group classes and one to one sessions. I can tailor a practice to meet a specific need or desired outcome, or to support you to establish a home practice. 

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Adult Yoga

nurture flexibility


Flexibility is a result of practice in body and mind.

build strength


Build confidence as you strengthen mind and body

get mindful


Focus to be more present and get results

Contact Me

For Private and group classes

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Heidi Smith

Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

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