About ME

It is a privilege to be teaching in and around Devon and the North Cornwall area. I strongly believe in self empowerment through holistic tools. Nurturing awareness of body, breath and mind can bring about a deep sense of joy into our lives. Yoga has been a passion of mine for over 20 years and it has led me to the other holistic therapies I teach. They have benfited me directly in my own life and as a result I am inspired to share them with others.I am also a mum to two great kids who are also my teachers.


KGHypnobirthing Childbirth Educator

Journey of Young Women Certificate, Mentoring Young Girls

Well Woman Yoga Therapy Certificate

IAIM Baby Massage Instructor

Hypnobirthing Mongan Method 

275 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training including Prenatal Yoga

Natural Healthcare College, Diploma Teaching Children Yoga

Thai Yoga Massage Certificate

Agama School 750 Yoga Alliance hours

BA(hons) Fine Art

I am insured by DSC InsuranceI am CRB certified


I am passionate about well being. My journey in this work began over 20 years ago through yoga. Becoming connected to the body in this way was such a life changing experience that I continued to dive deeper into it. I spent a few years working in the city in art related fields, but couldn't help feeling that there was a more sustainable and harmonious way to be with oneself and the planet. So I decided to find out and set off for India, the motherland of yoga, then to Nepal, Thailand and New Zealand. 

I spent 3 years living very simply, practising and studying yoga, philosophy in Vedanta,  Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism and Tantra. I went on a number of silent meditation retreats, fasts and cleanses. I met people from many different cultures and found a connection with children I did not know I had. I lived off grid for a while on a Permaculture project and worked as a Park Ranger in New Zealand's National Park. I learnt so much. 

Coming back to the UK I decided to formalise my yoga knowledge so I could share it with others and became qualified to teach yoga to adults and children. I began teaching yoga in 2009 in schools and private studios across London to many different ages and abilities. I then expanded my qualifications in related well being courses and began teaching Baby Massage and Hypnobirthing. The parents I have been honoured to teach have all reported positive birth experiences as a result. My daughter was born in 2011 and my son in 2012. I was able to apply my teachings directly into my life as I went into parenthood. My babies were both born using hypnobirthing and I practiced pregnancy yoga throughout my pregnancies. My kids still love the massage we did when they were babies. Its such a wonderful way to keep connecting with them physically and emotionally. 

My time has been very full looking after them but I have been committed to my professional development. I trained on Uma Dinsmore Tuli's Well Woman Yoga Therapy course as I have become increasingly interested in womens health. I took a refresher hypnobirthing course, training with KGH and began teaching adult yoga through Cornwall Adult Education. In 2019 I taught on the Deep Ecology Yoga retreat and a 5 day immersive retreat on Dartmoor. I am dedicated to wellbeing work and am constantly updating my skills and knowledge in my specialities. I look forward to working with you.

Heidi Smith, Yoga and Hypnobirthing Teacher

Heidi Smith, Yoga and Hypnobirthing Teacher