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I am an advocate for empowered health and wellbeing. As a yoga practitioner for over 20 years I have been led to powerful holistic methods that I have applied to my own life and that I have the joy to teach. 

If you are pregnant then you are in the right place. Pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing are a passion of mine. I weave in elements of hypnobirthing into my pregnancy yoga classes which super charges these two methods. These practices help you feel more comfortable and stronger in your body, more relaxed mentally and emotionally and meaningfully connect you to your baby. The Hypnobirthing courses specifically move you out of anxiety about birth and into a place of confidence and calm. 

Baby massage and children's yoga are a continuation of my family well being services 

My vision as a teacher is that we access our innate power to heal ourselves and ultimately heal our earth.

With love, Heidi 

Wellness offerings in Cornwall and Devon



Would you like more confidence about having a positive birth? 

This course explains the logic of why this method works, guides you in the techniques to access deep states of calm and comfort in birth, the role of the birth partner in protecting the birth environment and how to work in partnership with your caregivers. 

We work towards an empowered birth experience, one you will want to remember, and for the best start to life with your baby. 

The course includes relaxation mp3's, the KGH hypnobirthing book, handouts along with my support and guidance as a hypnobirthing teacher and mother myself.

KGH courses are taught in with the birth partner:

Taught courses are the most effective and when taken over a period of time are more relaxed. They also have the benefit of time to digest the information and techniques presented. 

Group and private courses are available

Private courses 

Tailored to your unique situation and needs and timed around your busy schedule in the comfort of your own home.

Refresher courses

A shorter course tailored to your unique needs. 

Contact Heidi Smith -

Pregnancy Yoga


These classes support the body on its journey through pregnancy and in preparation for birth incorporating aspects of hypnobirthing techniques. Connect with yourself, your growing baby and other mothers to be. 

Strengthen your body, learn breathing techniques, relax, sleep better and dedicate some time to yourself and the new life growing within you.


Pregnancy Yoga for 1st and 2nd time mums who wish to bring their toddler with them.

Mondays 9.15am - 10.15am, 

Crackington Institute EX23 0JL


Suitable from 14 weeks onwards

Term time only

Having a little one can be limiting in terms of taking time for yourself. This class aims to make pregnancy yoga accessible to those mums with children already. The class will run in the spirit of acceptance of family life and the mother role whilst also giving mum the physical and emotional benefits of the practice.

Private day yoga sessions available, please contact me - Heidi Smith  -

Baby Massage


Baby massage is a lovely way for both parents to express love and care for their baby. 

It has lots of health benefits too, including better sleep, soothing those tender little tummies with digestion and colic symptoms, improved circulation, and eases muscular and teething pain. It also boosts oxytocin, the hormone of love ,and feelings of wellbeing in both parent and baby.

Baby massage offers dedicated time in an activity that meaningfully connects you with your baby.

Not only that, the gift of massage can continue beyond babyhood as your child grows, offering more ways to provide safe and loving touch with your children and tune into them.

Baby Massage Course

4 week course 

12 noon - 1.30pm

Crackington Institute

£35 includes massage oil, handouts and refreshments

Suitable for pre-crawlers and includes some baby yoga.

Family, Kids & Preschool Yoga


Kids yoga offers fun, fitness and well being through stories, songs and games. A great way to spend time with your child and meet other families. 

Preschool Yoga Classes 2- 5 year olds

10.30 - 11.15am with a stay and play after

Younger siblings welcome. Please contact me, Heidi Smith, re trial classes and to book a mat space. £5 for first timers. 

6 x week class pass (valid 7 weeks, excluding school holidays)

£36 booked in advance.

Adult Yoga


I teach through Cornwall Adult Education as well as offer private yoga sessions that are tailored to suit individual needs and personal goals.

Perhaps you wish to establish a home yoga practice or deepen an existing one? Or you may be interested in working in a more therapeutic way to address stress, back pain or womens health issues such as prolapse for example. 

Having studied, practiced and qualified  in many applications of yoga for over 20 years I can guide you in many aspects towards your well being. Working in a holistic way including breath work - pranayama, energy - chakras and ayervedic principles, if you wish, so that you can get the benefits of working deeper with the practice and achieving greater results. 

Please contact me, Heidi Smith, to discuss your needs.

Private sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and personal goals.



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